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TEPSI S.A. , is a company with 27 years of recognized engineering research and development work, which provides services to all industries, mainly Oil & amp; Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Oil.

Composed of a team of professionals who have extensive training and experience in the field, which extends to Spain, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, USA and various parts of Argentina.

Vision x

To be recognized as a company of reliable process solutions. Always!

Mission x

Commit to the problems of our clients, assuming them as their own, until their final resolution.

Strategy x

Capitalize on each of the instances of our growth to capture a broader market, where we establish ourselves as the most reliable option, underpinning our commitment to continuous improvement.

History x

It arises as a Specialized Industrial Laboratory, whose diagnoses lead to the development, manufacture and production of Chemical Substances of different applications. A next stage introduced us in the area of ​​Industrial Services for the Transport, Storage and Transmission of heat between fluids.

Organization x

The current industry requires the support of service companies capable of providing “Total Solutions” . To this end, we have developed specific areas led by professionals with significant experience in the field and a high awareness of the commitment assumed .

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